Environmental Economics and Policy

As climate changes and environmental degradation intensifies in these tumultuous times, interdisciplinary training in the social, economic, policy, and scientific fields has never been more vital to preserving our societies and ecosystems. Enroll in Summer Courses today!

To learn more about enrollment, visit the Summer Sessions website or see the Summer Sessions FAQ. For a full schedule of Summer courses, visit the UC Berkeley Catalog of Classes. International students are encouraged to apply. The Summer Sessions has decided to waive the $400 International Student Services Fee this year. Asynchronous classes will be noted in the UC Berkeley Academic Catalog.


Introductory Applied Econometrics Class #13535, 6/22 - 8/14 M-W 10am-12pm (4 units)

Students learn how to formulate a research hypothesis and devise an empirical strategy. The techniques of statistical and econometric analysis are developed and then illustrated through applications to a set of case studies and real data in the fields of environmental, resource, and international development economics. Students learn the use of a statistical software for economic data analysis.


Economic Development Class #13567, 6/22 - 8/14 M-W 2-4pm (4 units)

This course covers theory and the factors that shape economic development and the global fight against poverty. Learn about the research methods that are being used to inform policy making in developing countries. Students also learn how to implement these tools themselves using real-world data sets and widely used statistical software for impact evaluation.