Notice – Policies and resources for the campus community on the COVID-19 global pandemic, including necessary health and safety precautions and how to obtain more information from health care providers, state health authorities, and the CDC's COVID-19 web site

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Academic Affairs

Academic appointments (GSI, postdoc, reader, visiting faculty), faculty leave of absence.

Budget and Accounting Office

Invoices, purchasing, payments, vendors and contracts

Human Resources

Forms, pay, benefits, safety, facilities, employment

IT/Web Support

Workstation, hardware, software, and web support


Timesheets and Payroll, Contacts.

Purchasing & Reimbursement

Information on purchasing and reimbursement issues.

Research Administration

Forms and resources related to administrative support of research at Rausser.

Safety and Facilities

Copy codes, building administration, keys and door codes, building emergency plans, safety information.

Staff Climate Committee

Enhancing the work environment for Rausser staff.

Other Resources

SPUR: Faculty-Student Research
Working with the Media